The Power of Children's Stories: Fun and Learning for all!

Enjoy the mending power of funny Children's Stories

Remember those nights when your mum or dad snuggled up with you, ready to embark on a literary adventure in the cosy corner of your bedroom?

The moments shared with your children while reading something fun or enlightening are moments that shape who we are and who we will be for our entire lives. But here’s the twist: are these enchanting bedtime stories exclusively for our kids? What’s your take on it?

Entertainment Galore for All

Yes, adults too can find themselves spellbound by the charm of a well-crafted fairy tale story. In your experience, as a former kid, what is the best bedtime story ever? Do you recall the names of the characters? What did you learn from those stories?

Many characters, like Alice or Matilda, have taken up residence in our hearts and minds, becoming a part of our very existence, haven’t they? We continue to revisit their stories, often in the form of remakes by talented directors, even though we know every twist and turn by heart. Why? It’s because we recognize the enduring educational value in these tales.

After all, within every grown-up, there’s a former child yearning to glean timeless wisdom from the pages of a folktale. So, what are some of these life lessons hidden within many enchanting narratives?

Which benefits children's Stories offer?

Parents reading some Great Read Aloud Picture Books to their daughter

Children’s stories transport us to enchanting worlds. But there’s more to these stories than mere bedtime entertainment; they hold the power to ignite the flames of imagination, provide valuable life lessons, strengthen family bonds, and mend the world around us.

In the midst of life’s challenges, they offer solace and a respite from everyday struggles, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, a glimmer of hope can be found.

Do you have a favorite family storytime memory? How did it bring your family closer together?

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Set in the whimsical Wacky Woods, our series of ten stories unfolds in a vibrant world filled with quirky and cheerful animals, each embodying happiness despite their oddities.

As they navigate through various adventures, these delightful creatures will learn many essential life lessons. The first of them is Gratitude. Our dream is that these stories can bring joy, laughter, and a moment of reflection to many people, as they did for us

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Our first Story for Kids, the Wacky Critters' Stories, the Mystery of the missing Hat
Ready to get "Inside an Egg"?

Did you know that about one in every 1000 eggs contain two yolks? Now, picture this: one extraordinary egg becomes home to two living, thinking yolks named Aah and Ehm. These fellow yolks share a tiny space inside their eggshell, attempting to befriend each other. But here’s the kicker: What if they have Opposite personalities? Yes, what if Ehm is the logical and reserved type while Aah is the outgoing and playful one? And, most importantly, what if YOU could hear them while they speak to each other, and could communicate with them?

This hilarious, read-aloud story explores all this and much more! Are you ready to embark on this egg-citing adventure? If so, book your own copy at a very special price and brace yourself for some sidesplitting humour while pondering the true meanings of ‘sharing’ and ‘love’.