3 Fun Games to Play with Friends: Unleash the Fun Indoor

Discover 3 indoor games and activities (ideal for rainy days) that guarantee endless fun for friends and family, kids and adults alike, perfect for any level of physical activity.

In short:
  • Feel the beat with an electrifying musical game that’ll get everyone moving and grooving while burning calories! 
  • Prepare to burst into laughter with a side-splitting silent game that guarantees hilarious family moments. 
  • Dive into a creative, inclusive game suitable for all ages and mobility levels, ensuring everyone can join the fun.
Fun Games to Play with Friends

Have you ever wondered how to entertain your kids, or even adult friends with a fun activity after dinner?

Are you tired of spending your evenings watching movies or playing video games on screen? If you nodded along, then hey, this article’s your jam.

Let’s brainstorm together and unleash our creativity!

Get ready to discover three indoor activities for children, funny things to do on a rainy day,  that won’t cost you a penny!

Game to Play if You Love Plenty of Movement and Fun

Dancing Target Game

Welcome to the Dancing Target Challenge!

It is one of the most engaging fun family games that will have you laughing and moving like never before! This game is perfect for those who love to burn some calories, and appreciate a healthy dose of irony.

Here’s what you need to play:

  • Audio system with powerful speakers.
  • Waterproof Swimming Cap (or the PINHEAD Game by Flying Tiger as that one you can see beside).
  • Three or four soft fabric balls.
  • At least four people (at least aged six ), ready to laugh and dance together plus a member who acts as a referee (preferably an adult, especially if there are four children playing).

Here’s how it works:

Players (at least 2 people per team) divide into two teams (e.g., A&B + C&D). Player A dances while an opponent from the other team (e.g. C) throws soft fabric balls, aiming to hit his/her head as many time as possible within 3 minutes. His companion (Player D) assists their teammate by tossing them the balls to keep the action going.

The referee counts how many shots hit the target (the head), keeps track of time, selects the music to dance to and makes sure that the shooter does keep his position during his shoots. The twist? The dancing player will have his back to the opponent (player C) and obviously tries to dance to the rhythm. And… the more unpredictable the movements, the harder will be to hit his head. In the end, the team with the most points wins!

Laugh-Out-Loud Games with a Bit of Movement

Welcome to a very classic indoor game: Charades!"

The Charades is a mid-level movement Gamehigh-fun activity where two teams act out movies (or something with a plot like a tale) without using words.

It’s a whirlwind of laughs and cool challenges, where acting out is the main thing. This game is perfect for people of all ages who have a little bit of mobility and are looking for tons of fun.

Here’s what you need:

Simply put, 6 friends (at very least) available to laugh out loud, allowing for the creation of at least two teams (of three people each). 

young people playing charade at home
Here's how it works

Split into two teams ready for a laugh-off, each picking a movie to bring to life. One brave soul from the opposite team turns into a silent movie star, gesturing wildly to hint at their movie’s title. His/Her goal? Help his/her team guess the movie’s title!

Crank up the giggles by setting a timer—100 seconds of pure miming madness—or simply watch the clock like a hawk. Play on until everyone’s had their moment in the silent spotlight. Once the mime-fest wraps up, tally up the points to crown the charades champ.

Watch as friends and family crack up trying to decode your silent shenanigans, goofy grins, and over-the-top antics. Charades is the ultimate game of ridiculous poses, exaggerated expressions, and belly laughs. Got a crowd? No problem! Let two or three mimers take the stage at once for double the fun.

And here’s a cheeky twist: no humming those catchy movie tunes. Body language is your only tool. So throw caution to the wind, and let’s see which team can out-mime the other!

Fun Games to Play with Friends, with Zero Movement Required
Enjoy "20-Second Story" Game

Each person has 20 seconds to tell a story, continuing from where the last person left off.

Here’s what you need:

In essence, a handful of friends are ready to burst into hearty laughter, armed with vast imaginations.


Here's how it works:

In this wildly unpredictable storytelling game, every participant gets a lightning-fast 20 seconds to add their own twist to an ever-evolving tale, picking up the narrative baton right where the previous storyteller left it—likely in a place no one could have seen coming.

Imagine a story that starts with a ninja on a secret mission and, three turns later, involves a disco-dancing unicorn.  The catch? Keeping a straight face as you navigate through a story that might veer from intergalactic space battles involving karaoke-singing aliens to a detective duck solving the mystery of the missing socks.

Each turn is a race against the tick-tock of the 20-second clock, a challenge to your creative muscles and your ability to keep up with a story that zigzags more than a lightning bolt. So, buckle up for a storytelling rollercoaster where the plots thicken, the characters get weirder, and the only guarantee is laughter. In this game, everyone wins, as the real victory is the sheer joy and fun everyone experiences! Do you want to know more about this games? Grab our Indoor Games Book ideal for fun family games!

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